Prof 402 - Introduction to Network Consulting: Network Health Check


This course is for personnel with fundamental to intermediate general security and networking knowledge. Completing this course provides these individuals with a pathway into Network Analysis.


For maximum effectiveness, attendees should be familiar with TCP/IP networking and essential network infrastructure devices such as Switches, Routers, etc. Attendees are required to bring their laptops. Completing the course of instruction “Introduction to Network and Forensics Analysis” may be substituted.

Recommended Course Prerequisites:

This Network Analysis Consultancy course provides the student with the knowledge to perform “Network Health Checks” at customer sites. Specific topics include Network baseline/benchmark strategies, evaluating network design and Optimization, determining critical applications and network traffic choke points, and report contents and preparation. We provide parameters and a checklist to tick off at the customer site.


3-day Classroom / Virtual Instruction

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