Wireshark Training

SCOS Software Amsterdam/Hoofddorp offers this official Wireshark University course on behalf of the Wireshark Foundation as the European Wireshark University Certified Training Partner. Until now, IT professionals using the Wireshark open source analyzer had to teach themselves to decipher packets and detect vulnerabilities on the network. The education and certification programs shorten the learning curve–making networks safer and more stable in a shorter period of time. SCOS has developed special Law Enforcement Courses. Our trainers have trained numerous Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies including the FBI, NCIS, Singapore, British, Dutch, Belgium Police, Australian High Tech Crime Centre and New York Police,


TCP/IP Analysis and Troubleshooting with Wireshark (5 days)

In this official Wireshark University lab-based course, you will discover effective Wireshark operations...
October 2023 – Classroom

Masterclass Advanced Network & Security Analysis (5 days)

This course is designed for Networking, and Security that need to further enhance their Network Analysis skills using Wireshark.
October 2023 – Classroom

NEW! Intro to the science of OSINT and Forensics Analysis fundamentals (5 days)

This course is for Networking, Government, and Security personnel that need to develop advanced packet investigation techniques by analyzing evidence, both Pcap-based and Open-source Intelligence-based using Wireshark and other Open-Source Analysis tools.

Next Generation Protocols and Advanced Network Analysis Using Wireshark (5 days)

Network and Forensics Analysis encompasses the skills of not only capturing data, but also the ability to discern unusual patterns hidden within seemingly normal network traffic....