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PCAP-Analysis Made Easy

1. Handling Large PCAP Files:

  • Without any file-size limitations, Allegro Packets allows you to import & conveniently investigate even the biggest of PCAP-datasets.

2. Visualization of Network Traffic:

  • The software provides visualizations of traffic volume for all MACs, IPs, and protocols in trending graphs. This can make it easier to quickly identify patterns and anomalies in network traffic behavior.

3. Performance Metrics Visualization:

  • Allegro Packets visualizes crucial performance metrics, including bursts, zero-window events, handshake times and data response-times, aiding in quickly identifying the root causes of performance impairments.

4. Protocol Analysis:

  • The software analyzes the PCAP data-set from Layer 2 to Layer 7, providing detailed protocol insights that are crucial for understanding the behavior of different applications and services communicating on the network.

5. Conversation Geolocation:

  • Conversation geolocation information is visually presented in trending graphs per geolocation, helping you to easily trace communication paths and assess potential issues and risks involved for the particular data-communication.

6. Graphical Navigation and Correlation:

  • Allegro Packets provides clear sight into network activity and allows for swift graphical navigation in L2-L7 metadata without waiting time, streamlining the process of correlating, problem isolation and finding information, especially in large PCAP files.

7. Configurable Incidents and Notifications:

  • Allegro Packets features configurable “incidents” that can trigger notifications when specific criteria are met. This helps automate the detection of events relevant to network performance impairments, certain network activity or misconduct.

8. Regular Expression Support:

  • With support for Regular Expression based filtering, string-based Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) enables you to quickly and efficiently find ‘n extract the rather specific packets of interest.